In Praise of the Handwritten Thank-You Note

Expressing my gratitude for you.

You can set yourself apart from other artists by sending handwritten thank-you notes in the mail. Every Thanksgiving I try to write something about gratitude. This year I want to remind you of the value of writing a note, addressing an envelope, attaching a stamp, and sticking it in the mail.

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Personal Notes to Subscribers

It’s okay to send a note of thanks to people who subscribe to your blog. In fact, I encourage it! This personal gesture might turn them into fans for life.

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Is food the way to a gallerist’s heart?

Getting noticed takes effort. Staying noticed takes more. Once you are in the galleries you hoped for, you still have to work just as hard to stay there. Artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson says that sending homemade baked goods have made her a favorite with her galleries.

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