Are These 4 Time-Stealers Robbing You of a Successful Art Career?

©July Cady Ryan, The Time Stealer. Acrylic, 12 x 12 inches. Used with permission.

A student in my Art Biz Bootcamp asked last week on a coaching call, “Where do you find the time?” After I gave him my answers and we hung up from the call, I thought: There’s no such thing as finding time. We have time. It’s up to us how we choose to use it. Then I thought about time bandits. I came up with four big things that rob us of that time.

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So You Don’t Feel Like Marketing

Pouting Kid

Remember when you were a kid and your mom asked you to clean your room or to pick up your toys? Remember the wrath that was imposed upon you when you replied to her request with a whiny “But I don’t feel like it, Mom”? It’s time to ask yourself if you’re being your same childlike stubborn self when it comes to marketing your art. Are you avoiding too many marketing tasks because you “don’t feel like it?”

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DIY Rescue for Artists

White Wrapped Present

Your art is your present to the world, but it isn’t a gift until someone has received it. That means you have to make the work and market it (get it out of the studio!). To do this effectively and sanely, you must first acknowledge you need help whenever and wherever you can get it.

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Tell Me About Your Work Day

Melanie Morris

One of the most valuable things I do with clients is to help them with their productivity. We’re all stretched for time, but most of us aren’t using the time we have effectively. What does your artist work day look like? How much time do you spend in the studio each day?

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15 Minutes a day for social networking

Elizabeth Bryan

Set your alarm and take care of your social media tasks in 15 minutes a day. Or perhaps you prefer 30 minutes two or three times a week. That’s great!Make sure that you are spending quality time online and not allowing it to become a time-waster.

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Podcast: Carve out time for online networking

ALL worthwhile marketing takes time, but don't let social media take over your life. Create a schedule and stick with it, while being grateful for tools that artists a generation ago didn't have.

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