Twitter Tweekly for June 16 2013

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It’s really the “Bi-Tweekly,” but that doesn’t sound as good. Here are some of my most useful tweets from the past two weeks. >>> Are you prepared? Something to think abt via @chrisbrogan . . . This @HarvardBiz article has me thinking abt customer and art EXPERIENCES [...]

Twitter Tweekly for June 2 2013

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It’s my list of carefully curated tweets from the past two weeks. Enjoy! Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.-Ralph Waldo Emerson #entrepreneurs … Importance of grit, rules & discipline in success thx to @natasha I’m loving this … Watching @chasejarvis @chrisguillebeau interview. Good stuff for #entrepreneurs [...]

Twitter Tweekly for May 19 2013

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26 reasons why no one likes your art via @MoonApe; Painter travels to the wild for true adventure/subjects. Looks like a great film! via @robertgenn; To Get Consumers to Spend More, Try Turning Up the Lights [...]

Twitter Tweekly for April 21 2013

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Galleries = consignment situations, not wholesale. . . . Reputable galleries do not charge “gallery fees.” They EARN their commissions. . . . Geoffrey Gorman’s tips for artists are worth the read. He was a successful art-biz coach before moi and is now a… . . . Yes, post your prices with your artwork when you share it. That’s how people know it’s for sale. [...]

Twitter Tweekly For March 24 2013

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Difficulty keeping up your blog? Remember your readers. You’re writing for them. . . If you made up a word for your art biz and I can’t pronounce it, I’m probably going to be VERY confused . . . You can’t manage time. You can only manage yourself. [...]

Twitter Tweekly for March 10 2013

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Here we go again! The cream of my Twitter stream for the last two weeks – all in one place for your reading pleasure. . . . Never send your main message in an email attachment. Attachments should only be bonus info. . . . Thinking about why 1 artist sells better than another – insightful comments in this post . . . [...]

Premature Social Networking

Robert Irvine - Restaurant: Impossible on Food Network

Have you ever watched Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network? This TV show with a muscled drill sergeant as its star teaches some of the best business lessons on TV while trying to revitalize failing restaurants. It’s no wonder the restaurants are in trouble when they haven’t figured out food costs, don’t know what their projected earnings are, and lack leadership. [...]

The First Twitter Tweekly of 2013

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​A few nice resources, articles, and fun things for you from the last two weeks in my Twitter stream. Smile! So says @christinekane Good reminder [...]

Last Twitter Tweekly of 2012

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If you’ve been sipping on a little too much eggnog, you might have missed these tweets in my Twitter stream. No worries! I pulled out the best for you. Now, get out your eggnog and read. [...]

Twitter Tweekly for December 9 2012

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Top tweets from the past 2 weeks . . . Think twice before you send an email telling someone what they did wrong . . . Email has a shorter shelf life, which means it’s easy to delete and forget about. Yay for snail mail! . . . One of my biggest regrets is when I waste someone else’s time-esp because I didn’t read instructions . . . [...]