Turn On Your Cell Phones

Ayn Hanna and Barbara Gilhooly at the Visionary Art Museum. Photo courtesy the artists and used with permission.

What if, instead of worrying about everyone with a cell phone camera in front of your art, you encouraged taking photos and sharing? Don’t dismiss this right away. Let me explain. On two occasions I have witnessed audiences embrace a speaker or situation that encouraged photography. Here’s how those went down.

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The Big Fat Artist Video Challenge

In Promote Your Art Through Video, R. Daniel Foster left us with a challenge. If you participated in this teleseminar (and you can still sign up here) and created a video as part of the challenge, we want to hear from you. Please leave your video link in a comment on this post and tell us what you most enjoyed about the seminar. We’ll give you free feedback.

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The Secret To Powerful Videos That Showcase Your Art

R. Daniel Foster

Filmmaker R. Daniel Foster explains how video’s message and meaning must be in sync in order to be a powerful marketing tool.

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3 Artists Inspiring Me Right Now

Photo of Kristina Wentzell

If you’ve read chapter 14 of I’d Rather Be in the Studio you’d pick up some great ideas from artists who are promoting their work in creative ways. I love telling these stories and plan to keep sharing them with you as long as you let me. Here are two more of the same ilk and a third one for extra inspiration.

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4 Quick Videos You Use in Your Art Marketing

A few weeks ago I received an impressive email from Elaine Kehew, my client in Nairobi, Kenya: “I wanted to send a big thank you to you. I have experienced a huge increase in sales in the last two months. Between different kinds of promotion for my upcoming exhibit (which is selling before the exhibition date- oh my goodness!) and finally using my mailing list, I am really moving paintings.”

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Compelling Video of Your Art

Philadelphia’s Rosenfeld Gallery is providing videos for their artists who exhibit there. This is a fantastic service for the artists and a smart use of video by the gallery.

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Promote Your Art with SlideShare

Artists can use SlideShare to promote their artwork at no cost and gain a new audience for their work. There are six steps to creating a slide presentation and getting it online. You can also upload your slide presentation to YouTube and other sites.

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Art Marketing Action Podcast: Promote Your Art with SlideShare

Audio version of the post with the same name. Artists can use SlideShare to promote their artwork at no cost and gain a new audience for their work.

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