When I Visit Your Website . . .

Judith Barath

Lots of artists ask me my opinions about their websites. I have a chapter about it in my book, I teach Do’s and Don’ts of artists’ websites in my workshops, and I schedule teleseminars on the topic. Here are some basics.

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Artist Website Special–Only Thru October 8

I’m teaming up with Pat Velte of Whitewing Design to help artists enhance their online presence. From now through October 8, you can get a website makeover or a completely new site, but you have to act now. Pat can only take on so many clients!

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How to Launch a New Website or Blog

John Wood, Just to Avoid Being Abandoned. Mixed media on paper mounted on panel

Launching a website or blog is fairly straightforward. You build the content, publish it, and then tell everyone about it. That’s about it–right?

Not quite!

©2007 John Wood, Just to Avoid Being Abandoned. Mixed media on paper mounted on panel, 34 x 34 inches.

I can’t just send an email that says “Hey, I have a new website. Please check it out at http://artbizcoach.com!” There’s no incentive. Nothing to get you to click the link and visit the site.

I have to entice you or pique your curiosity. I think the new look of the newsletter I sent today is a good first step, but let me see if I can do more.

After more than 3.5 years of a deep red background on Art Biz Coach, I had had enough. Do you know how many images and font

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The Evolution of the Art Biz Coach Website Design

The new Art Biz Coach will be unveiled next week. Now, I want to take you on a tour of where Art Biz Coach has been over the past 8+ years and how it has evolved–design-wise. No details. Just fun pictures.

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11 Fast Website or Blog Fixes

Gloria Lamson, Falling Apart and Coming Together. Installation includes jigsaw puzzle pieces and teabags

If your website or blog has been under-performing, there’s no need to take drastic measures like creating an entirely new site. Consider these 11 tweaks to give your online presence a boost.

Gloria Lamson, Falling Apart and Coming Together. Installation includes jigsaw puzzle pieces and teabags. ©The Artist

1. Get rid of any splash page. Those are passé, slightly annoying, and you don’t want to count on people clicking through to your main menu.

2. Make sure your name is visible at the top of every page. We shouldn’t have to search under a rock to see whose art we’re looking at.

3. Tweak your Title <TITLE> tags. The title of your page is embedded in your code and shows up at the top of a browser—not on the page itself. Title meta tags are very important for search

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Art Marketing Action Podcast: 11 Fast Website or Blog Fixes

Audio version of the post with the same name. Creating an entirely new website or blog is overwhelming. Tweaking what you already have is easier! Implementing even a couple of these 11 ideas will make a big dent in the way your website functions.

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Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Shoshanna Bauer, Going Home. Watercolor

You can’t just build a website and wait for people to come. If you want more visitors, take a lesson from all the ways I direct you to ArtBizCoach.com and then adapt these to your situation.

Shoshanna Bauer, Going Home. Watercolor, 15 x 11.5 inches. ©The Artist

Here are fifteen techniques to start the wheels churning.

1. I send out the weekly newsletter that helps you with your art career. In it, I post links to classes, workshops, and products on my site. I do the same with the audio version (the Art Marketing Action podcast)—mentioning the site at the beginning and end of each recording and often in between.

2. I put a link in my signature block that is attached to the bottom of all of my email messages. You would be surprised at how many non-artists

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Art Marketing Action Podcast – Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Audio version of the newsletter. You can’t just build a website and wait for the traffic to pick up. You have to encourage visits consistently. Here are fifteen techniques to start the wheels churning.

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Converting In-Person Meetings into Web Visits

It would be an error to give all of your information in a handout or email. I’m encouraging you to create a special FAQs page so that people must visit your site to get the information they want. You don’t want to turn people off. You approach it with a spirit of generosity. You’re helping them out!

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Expand your online marketing

Tired of depending on galleries for sales? Fed up with no results from sending out your portfolio? Wasting resources on advertising?

It’s time to get serious about using the Internet more effectively.

Expanding your online presence is always (ALWAYS!) a good idea, but now might be a good time to devote even more of your energy to doing so. The face of the art world is changing. You need to be well positioned to adapt and take care of yourself when the traditional venues fail. Consider the following three areas.

Claudia Cohen, Visions of Velasquez. Bronze, 18 x 15 x 15 inches. ©The Artist

1. Your Web Site and/or Blog Many artists today are using a blog in place of a Web site, which is perfectly acceptable as long as the blog can have the same elements and ease of

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