Your Artist Statement Is Like A Coconut


Friends and I were reminiscing about Gilligan’s Island last week when I revealed too much about my TV-watching habits as a child. Remember how the castaways on that series made everything from coconuts? The Professor fashioned a radio and battery charger from coconuts. Why, oh why, couldn’t he make coconut glue and repair a boat to get them off the island??? Maryann was famous for her coconut cream pie.

Finish Your Writing Project Using These Secrets

Organizing Your Writing

Want help finishing your newsletter, catalog, blog post, book, or even your artist statement? Listen up. My friend and writing coach, Cynthia Morris, shared a secret with me. Print It Out. Really? That’s it? “Print it out” is all you have for me? Yep, it’s that simple. Or at least it’s a good first step.

3 Artists Inspiring Me Right Now

Photo of Kristina Wentzell

If you’ve read chapter 14 of I’d Rather Be in the Studio you’d pick up some great ideas from artists who are promoting their work in creative ways. I love telling these stories and plan to keep sharing them with you as long as you let me. Here are two more of the same ilk and a third one for extra inspiration.

How to Write an Art Review

After making my case that more arts writers/reviewers are needed, I wanted to offer five tips on how to write about other artists’ exhibits.

Why You Need to Write About Art

©2011 Ruth de Vos, Snapshot #8. Quilted textile.

Consider becoming an arts writer/reviewer of other artists’ work. Writers are needed in the art ecosystem as critics and reviewers shape taste and are the gatekeepers that decide what is worthy of attention. Most importantly, the more you write about any art, the better you will become at writing about your own art.

How to Write an Art Review

Muffy Clark Gill and

Writing art reviews is a great way to meet people and build your credentials. It also provides good practice for honing your eye. You can’t help learning when you look closely and critically at lots of art. Here are some tips on writing about art exhibits in galleries, art centers, and museums.