10-Year Anniversary Tweekly Special

Art Biz Experts

The Art Biz Blog is 10 years old today! Happy anniversary to us.

I couldn’t let this special day fly by without posting something here. So, in honor of the occasion, here’s a special Tweekly edition: my top tweets since the last Tweekly (a long long time ago) – along with a few pics from Art Biz Makeover 2014.

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General Business

How To Get Good At Making Money: 6 Life Lessons From A Self-Made Entrepreneur zite.to/1tugCRp

The panel of experts was a huge hit with my guests at Art Biz Makeover 2014. Photo by Regina-Marie Photographer.

The 5-Step Process for Writing an About Page that Connects (and Converts) flip.it/Vzb0C<excellent info via @copyblogger

7 Things Confident Entrepreneurs Never Do zite.to/1zf8OT6

7 Crucial Web Design Trends For 2015 zite.to/1xfojMX

Why More Women-Run Businesses

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Twitter Tweekly for June 13, 2014

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It’s a very lucky Friday the 13th, indeed, for you. It’s time for my top tweets (according only to me) from the past two weeks!

Art & Marketing

Strict anti-spam law goes into effect in Canada on July 1. Are you compliant?

See @lisacall ‘s weekly schedule. Marvel at the detail! blog.lisacall.com/2014/06/spendi…

RT @kiffaniestahle: Stellar advice by @mariabrophy on how to deal with a client who doesn’t want to sign contract. shar.es/PcBHi

Google Is Documenting Street Art Around the World buff.ly/1s5UGvu

I’m asking for “how you got started as an artist” stories on my FB page. Please tell us your story facebook.com/artbizcoach/po…

Being Organized

If you schedule a lot of appointments with students or clients, I recommend @timetrade It’s a life saver for us!

How to Organize Your Digital Photos with Photo by Emilie zite.to/1nGexPT

Organize and manage your

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Twitter Tweekly for June 1, 2014

@abstanfield on Twitter

An annotated and curated list of my top tweets since May 17, 2014.

It’s okay if you don’t add dates to your artwork online, but do keep good records of dates

Like I always say . . . Trusting Yourself to Make Decisions Instead of Always Seeking Advice zite.to/1mLPUOW

A family contemplates The Wish by Helen Hiebert, a member of my Art Biz Incubator.

Bookstore opens Art store. Cool concept. hyperallergic.com/127842/booksel…

Email Subject Lines: 5 Tips to Attract Readers buff.ly/1nbVbSH < #artists please read this!

Hilarious! Online game lets you smash Ai Wei Wei vases aiweiwhoops.net

RT @ArtistTaraReed: SURTEX thoughts and musings – part 1 #surtex ht.ly/xeOa2 <insights if interested in #artlicensing

The Paradox of Art as Work – NYTimes.comow.ly/xgKxf < You really should read this

Selling & Promoting Art Online

Plenty of people are buying art online

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Twitter Tweekly for May 17, 2014

@abstanfield on Twitter

An abbreviate list of my top tweets from the past two weeks since I’m away. Sometimes artists have awesome newsletters that I’d like to share with people. Try including an online link to yours. . . . Frieze Fair interpreted by @artadvocate huffingtonpost.com/paul-klein/buo…

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Twitter Tweekly for May 3, 2014

@abstanfield on Twitter

A slightly annotated list of my top tweets from the past two weeks. Worth Standing On Its Own >>Online art sales to grow fast — study | BusinessWorld Online buff.ly/1fuNnbm . . . Art Marketing >> Top 10 Tips for being an artist fr award-winning artist Susanne du Toit bbc.com/news/entertain… BBC News

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Tweekly for April 19, 2014

cat with iPad

Before I get to my top tweets from the past couple of weeks, I have something on my mind. . . . Nineteen years ago I was living in Oklahoma City when our museum doors blew open and we simultaneously heard an explosion. The days that followed are both unforgettable and seem like a lifetime ago. I hope we never forget that senseless attack on innocent people or the, sadly, additional ones we hear about every day.

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Twitter Tweekly for April 6, 2014

@abstanfield on Twitter

Others might take issue, but I say these are my top tweets from the past two weeks. Please Share with the Art Biz Coach Community . . . It’s Brag Saturday on my FB page! C’mon over and tell us what you’ve been doing facebook.com/artbizcoach/ph…

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Twitter Tweekly for March 23, 2014

@abstanfield on Twitter

A feature of my top tweets from the past couple of weeks. This week, my favorites are marked with a *. >>> Report: Super-rich, favoring just a few artists, drive art market latimes.com/entertainment/… Continue reading…

Twitter Tweekly for March 9, 2014

@abstanfield on Twitter

My top tweets from the past couple of weeks @abstanfield. >>> You might benefit fr this intvw I did with @nordicArtists nordicartists.com/alyson-stanfie… Art is the worst performing collectible fw.to/gObQ3hkContinue reading…

Twitter Tweekly for February 23 2014

@abstanfield on Twitter

I’ve been riding the stationary bike every morning, which means I have time to catch up on reading. I found some good stuff to tweet during the past couple of weeks. Here are the best of them. Craft Artist Income Survey: Income survey of craft artists – good to know craftemergency.org/outreach/repor… via @craftemergency . . .

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