How to Investigate an Artist Call for Entry [Infographic]

Infographic: Artists Investigate a Call for Entry

You need to understand the basic parameters of the contest, competition or commission. When you find one worth pursuing, use the following questions to find the answers for a successful submission. [...]

Warning: Exhibiting Your Art is Good for You

Kathy Knaus takes some pride in seeing her work Joni IV on exhibit in a Denver gallery.

The Internet is an amazing tool, but it can never replace encountering a real work of art. Exhibiting your art allows you to have a dialogue with people about the work. You can’t help but learn and grow from these experiences. [...]

Go Ahead and Spoil the Surprise

Margret Short: The Tears of Fernad

Consider posting online previews of your work before an opening, but remember – you don’t have to reveal all of the work in a show at once, nor do you have to reveal it to everyone. [...]

Another Gimmick or a Passport to Your Art?

Damien Hirst’s Complete Spot Challenge got me thinking about having exhibitions in multiple venues. How could you turn this idea into a gimmick that would generate buzz about your art? [...]

How to Decide if a Call for Entry is Worth Sweating Over

There are differences among the various types of calls for entry competitions, but let’s start at the very basics: how to evaluate a Call and decide if you should respond. [...]

16 Non-Gallery Sales Avenues from 1 Artist

Carol McArdle, Florida Fantasy

Artist Carol McArdle has sold 45 original works of art over the past five or six years – on her own – without participating in art festivals. She breaks down the 16 different ways those 45 paintings found new homes. [...]

The Role of Exhibits < Deep Thought Thursday

Can artists have successful careers without exhibiting live? How? Will anything be forfeited? [...]

Real Live Art

Tatiana Garmendia, “Epic Ink Drawings” installation view.

Every time you show your art to someone, you add new layers of meaning to the work because viewers bring their experiences to an appreciation of it. [...]

Cutting Ties with a Gallery < Deep Thought Thursday

How does an artist end a relationship with a gallery if it is not going well? How do you keep it civil and friendly while looking for another gallery in that same city? [...]

Enlist Help Promoting Your Art

Non-art venues like restaurants, coffee shops, and bank lobbies can be challenging for sales, but there are plenty of people willing to help you promote your art. Here are 5 ways you can nurture a quiet army of fans on your behalf. [...]