16 Non-Gallery Sales Avenues from 1 Artist

Carol McArdle, Florida Fantasy

Artist Carol McArdle has sold 45 original works of art over the past five or six years – on her own – without participating in art festivals. She breaks down the 16 different ways those 45 paintings found new homes.

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The Role of Exhibits < Deep Thought Thursday

Can artists have successful careers without exhibiting live? How? Will anything be forfeited?

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Real Live Art

Tatiana Garmendia, “Epic Ink Drawings” installation view.

Every time you show your art to someone, you add new layers of meaning to the work because viewers bring their experiences to an appreciation of it.

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Cutting Ties with a Gallery < Deep Thought Thursday

How does an artist end a relationship with a gallery if it is not going well? How do you keep it civil and friendly while looking for another gallery in that same city?

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Enlist Help Promoting Your Art

Non-art venues like restaurants, coffee shops, and bank lobbies can be challenging for sales, but there are plenty of people willing to help you promote your art. Here are 5 ways you can nurture a quiet army of fans on your behalf.

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A Twist on the Wine-and-Cheese Reception

Amantha Tsaros

Artist Conspiracy member Amantha Tsaros is showing her work in a library gallery where they won’t allow food and drink at a reception. Read about our ideas to help her have a successful opening in spite of the No Food rule.

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Titles < Deep Thought Thursday

A lot of my clients have a hard time coming up with titles for their artworks or titles for their exhibits. What are some tricks you’ve learned for coming up with titles?

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6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Gallery

Want to make your gallery even happier that they’re doing business with you? Send them business! Here’s how.

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Don’t Miss the Kodak Moments of Your Art Career

It’s awful to wake up the day after an opening, workshop, or art show and think of all the photos you wish you had taken. Make a plan to shoot the photos you’ll wish you had later.

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The Venue’s Responsibilities for Your Art Exhibit

Walker Fine Art Gallery

As with any business arrangement, what an art venue agrees to take care for your exhibit of will depend on the venue. While non-art venues might leave everything up to the artist, there are certain things you should expect from any art venue.

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