Quick Blog Fixes

Whenever you visit Debbie Gonville Miller's blog, you get a feel for her art instantly.

Spring cleaning is not just for your house or yard. You can do the same for your blog with these 5 easy fixes. [...]

When I Visit Your Website . . .

Judith Barath

Lots of artists ask me my opinions about their websites. I have a chapter about it in my book, I teach Do’s and Don’ts of artists’ websites in my workshops, and I schedule teleseminars on the topic. Here are some basics. [...]

The Secrets for an Endless Supply of Blog Posts

Sandhya Manne, Musical Tribe in Color - Nallamma. Watercolor

Do you find it a challenge to write and continue to create content for your blog? Learn these two secrets to creating an endless supply of posts. [...]

Best of the Art Biz Blog 2010

Blue Ribbon

I scoured the 257 posts (to date) from 2010 and came up with a Best Of list. These might not have produced the highest number of comments, but they incited discussion or had information that I thought was most relevant. And many did, indeed, have the most comments. [...]

Google Insights Fine Tunes Your Art Website


Google Insights for Search is a research tool that can help you to fine tune your keywords with Google’s results and with their suggestions. Google Insights gives you the data to optimize all areas of your art marketing and art promotion in terms of topics, keywords and title tags. [...]

This Blog is 6 Today

Blog Triage Self Study

On November 30, 2004 I published my first blog post. Since I totally flaked acknowledging the 5th anniversary, I’m taking time out this year for a brief walk down memory lane. [...]

Resources for Starting a Blog

It’s easy to get a blog up and online in no time, but I want you to do it right from the get-go. I recommend a specific platform and give you resources for self-training or for getting professional help with your new site. [...]

Blog vs. Website

You CAN use a blog instead of a website if everything is in order. If you’re going to be sending gallerists, curators, and collectors to your blog, you don’t want to waste any time wowing them. And you certainly don’t want to waste their time. [...]

Yes, You Still Need a Blog

Linda Billet, Not So Pretty Now

Facebook is a robust site that helps you engage with others in powerful ways, but it can never replace your brand or the need for your own Web presence. [...]

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Yes, You Still Need a Blog

Audio version of the post with the same name. Facebook is a powerhouse that helps you engage with others in powerful ways, but it can never replace your brand or the need for your own Web presence through a blog. [...]