Blog Post Styling for More Engaged Readers

When you write for the Web, make sure your main points are easy to find and that your text is scannable. People will look briefly at a blog post to see if it’s of interest to them. If they see nothing immediately, they might leave without reading.

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Relax! This Blog Post Formula Does the Work for You [Infographic]

ArtBizBlog blog formula

Do you struggle with writing blog posts? If you’re like a lot of artists we’ve had in the Blog Triage class, you blog because someone (probably me) told you it was a good idea. But you’ve never really gotten the hang of it. You fight your way through blogging.

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How a Theme Can Help Revive Your Blog

If your blog needs a jolt, try working on a theme like Carrie Cahill Mulligan’s 17 Days of Green. Themes give you structure. You aren’t always grasping for something to write because you know what your subject will be.

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Anyone Can Snip: Protect Your Art with Watermarks

Guest blogger Kim Bruce shares how adding an (unobtrusive) watermark to your images protects your art and provides a way for people to find you and your site.

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The 4-Minute Blog Critique

Cynthia Morris and I recently asked for artist-volunteers who wanted a mini blog critique. Many people were eager to get a free advice! The only caveat was that we would share our feedback with the world. This video is a small sampling of what we do in our Blog Triage class.

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Artist Websites: Appealing to the Slow Scavenger vs Fast Hunter Shoppers

Whitney Zeldow

Many artist websites are design for the “slow scavenger” shoppers who take their time browsing your online store or portfolio. Guest blogger Whitney Zeldow shares 4 tips on how your artist website can meet the needs of the “fast hunter” shoppers who move quickly and are ready to buy right here, right now.

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Recycling an Old Blog Post

Some subjects are always winners – they just need a little tweaking for today. You might update a post because the topic is still relevant or because new research has come along. I show you want I looked for when I updated a 7-year-old post.

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Steal These Blog Post Formulas

You can adapt my process to create a list of content ideas for your blog or newsletter. If you already have scattered lists, bring them together and update the topics. Maybe this list of blog post formulas might inspire you.

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Share Your Profile Instantly with Other Blog Commenters

Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 7.22.38 PM

If you’ve left a comment on this blog, you’ve noticed that some people have their pictures next to their comments and others don’t. You can get yours at Now, whenever you put your cursor over someone’s image on Art Biz Blog the picture cocks to the left and his or her Gravatar profile appears.

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Quick Blog Fixes

Whenever you visit Debbie Gonville Miller's blog, you get a feel for her art instantly.

Have you found yourself doing some spring cleaning around the house and yard?

You can do the same for your blog—a critical component of your Web presence.

You instantly get a feel for Debbie Gonville Miller’s art whenever you visit her blog.

If you want to feel a little more love for your blog, it’s easy to implement these five fixes.

1. Update your About page.

Add a fresh photo of yourself, tell a new story, or write the text in verse.

Your About page is often the first link people click on. If it doesn’t make you smile, it might be losing visitors.

2. Add more images of your art.

You probably have a blog because you want to share your art with more people. Why are you hiding it? Make sure your art is near the

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