10-Year Anniversary Tweekly Special

The Art Biz Blog is 10 years old today! Happy anniversary to us.

I couldn’t let this special day fly by without posting something here. So, in honor of the occasion, here’s a special Tweekly edition: my top tweets since the last Tweekly (a long long time ago) – along with a few pics from Art Biz Makeover 2014.

Thank you for being a reader,

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General Business

How To Get Good At Making Money: 6 Life Lessons From A Self-Made Entrepreneur zite.to/1tugCRp

The panel of experts was a huge hit with my guests. Photo by Regina-Marie Photographer.

The panel of experts was a huge hit with my guests at Art Biz Makeover 2014. Photo by Regina-Marie Photographer.

The 5-Step Process for Writing an About Page that Connects (and Converts) flip.it/Vzb0C<excellent info via @copyblogger

7 Things Confident Entrepreneurs Never Do zite.to/1zf8OT6

7 Crucial Web Design Trends For 2015 zite.to/1xfojMX

Why More Women-Run Businesses Aren’t Making Millions zite.to/1wxNAwr

I’m featured in @FaheemMoosa‘s Escape Velocity. Quit your job, start a biz that makes you come alive! Free ctt.ec/o8Jfd+

Good reminder fr @yudkin today: Promotion won’t do you any good until you have your infrastructure in place to capitalize it

Art Supplies & Resources

100% toxin-free paints rockethub.com/projects/50141…

Just heard about getbenchworks.com/features < software esp for jewelers, consignment, wholesaling

Social Media

Users approach Pinterest with more of a shopping mentality than they do on other social sites blogs.constantcontact.com/product-blogs/…

ideas for posting to 5 social media platforms during the holidays
blogs.constantcontact.com/product-blogs/…via @ConstantContact

My 10 Favorite Artists on Instagram – The Abundant Artist buff.ly/1yRo1MO

My guests at Art Biz Makeover 2014. Photo by Regina-Marie, Photographer.

Cindy Howe was the recipient of a surprise business makeover at Art Biz Makeover 2014. Photo by Regina-Marie, Photographer.

Art & Artists

RT @AptTherapy: 9 Art Displaying Mistakes Everyone Makes at Least Once flip.it/uTDMB#Decorating #Art

It’s all but impossible to earn a living as a working artist, new report shows – Boing Boing zite.to/1puOvLx

Interested in artist residencies? Check out resartis.org/en/

The Dos and Don’ts of Studio Visits | ARTnews ow.ly/DbGru

The Ultimate Copy Checklist: 51 Questions to Optimize Every Element of Your Online Copy zite.to/1wkg1QZ

What Can We Learn from Artists’ and Curators’ Desks? ow.ly/Da7M8 via @hyperallergic #artists

The big-eyed children: the extraordinary story of an epic art fraud zite.to/10ueeOE

Tips for artists who also want to pursue profits on.wsj.com/1rOAiZL via @WSJ <with a tip fr yours truly

A new light installation illuminates the Farnsworth House <would love to see this zite.to/1y4ad0P

Norway’s new banknotes influenced by the sea air <beautiful! Why can’t we have pretty money? zite.to/1BRlGyx


How to Change Limiting Beliefs – The Ultimate Guide vladdolezal.com/blog/2010/limi… via @VladDolezal


Sean Brown was a good sport to talk about his branding at Art Biz Makeover 2014. He’s run a successful art business for more than 20 years. Photo by Regina-Marie, Photographer.

DailyOM: having fun might be one of our most powerful tools for changing the world ow.ly/C7Rh0


What Successful People Do At The End Of The Workday – Business Insider ow.ly/D9Y8C

How to Get Big Projects Done (When You’ve Got No Time) christinekane.com/how-to-get-big… via @christinekane

What You Missed in that TED Talk You Watched <excellent reminder zite.to/1xEctbA


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