Influential Modern Art

The sponsors of Great Britain’s Turner Prize (Gordon’s) have also sponsored a survey of 500 artists, curators, critics, and dealers to come up with the 10 most influential modern works of art.

They are:

1. Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (the artists’ overwhelming first choice)
2. Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
3. Andy Warhol, Marilyn
4. Pablo Picasso, Guernica
5. Henri Matisse, Red Studio
6 Joseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes Me
Read about this performance:
and here: Walker Art Center

7. Constantin Brancusi, Endless Column (shown here on the right)
Read about the restoration of this sculpture by my favorite sculptor.End1

8. Jackson Pollock, One: No 31

9. Donald Judd, 100 untitled works in mill aluminium

10. Henry Moore, Reclining Figure (1929)

Read the story in The Guardian

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