The Gates are going up!

The Gates are going up in Central Park as I type! I’m curious as to what happened to the work schedule when the blizzard hit this past weekend, but then I found out that 150 snow shovels were purchased in the event of snow.

Great articles:
I LOVE this quote: "Jeanne-Claude seems to relish her reputation as an art-world Yoko Ono.
“This is my best quality,” she told Burt Chernow, their biographer. “It
has protected Christo all these years. I think every artist needs a
monster.” Later, I asked her to elaborate on the sentiment. She
laughed. “In the art world, they like to say, ‘Christo is so nice and
gentle, and he always says yes to everybody.’ Then he sends me to say

Every artist needs a monster! Something to think about.

and photos of the birth of The Gates:

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