Artist’s Insurance

Pam Caidin recently wrote me with this request:

Caidin_1"I am having a
hell of a time finding insurance to cover me while I am traveling to a
show and while I am at the show. There are several facets involved:

1. My truck is covered, but not the contents, so if it gets stolen or
destroyed, I have no coverage for my booth or my inventory.

2. Same need at a show. My booth and my inventory need coverage for
damage from weather or theft.

3. I need liability while at a show, in case someone gets
hurt in my booth."

Apparently, Pam checked into the Craftsman
Protection Plan and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Got any ideas for good insurance for Pam?

Image: Pam Caidin, Fine silver, 14K green gold, 14K yellow gold, sterling silver. Photo by Howard Sokol, ©The Artist.

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6 comments to Artist’s Insurance

  • The National Artists Equity Association offers discounted fine art insurance. They do not have a website currently but here is additional information on the organization’s services as found on NAEA a non-profit, aesthetically non-partisan, national organization for professional artists. Founded in 1947 by artists, NAEA’s primary purpose is to improve economic, health, legal and legislative conditions for visual artists at the federal, state, and local levels. NAEA addresses contemporary issues such as income tax equality, live/work space, public art programs, censorship, health hazards and safety issues, and fair business contracts and treatment for artists. As a member of NAEA, artists have access to over 50 different health plans bringing the advantages of group pricing, group benefits and group service to our individual members. NAEA offers discounted life insurance, fine art insurance, and a variety of printed materials including Guidelines for Juried Exhibitions and Minimum Artists-Dealer Agreements. For information on NAEA, send a SASE [and specify what information you are requesting] to: The National Artists Equity Association, PO Box 28068, Washington, D.C. 20038 or call 202-628-9633.

  • Thanks for the great lead, Lori!

  • My husband and I have business insurance thru Hartford. It’s an addition to our household insurance and covers liability ($1,000,000.), all business equiptment and inventory, ect… It’s not cheap at just under $80. a month but it certainly gives a feeling of security. I’m sure other companies offer similar policies. So far, we had one claim (our van was broken into while we were “on the road” ) and they settled it promptly. I hope this is of some help.

  • My policy is with State Farm (in Georgia). State Farm handles my insurance coverage for my auto, house, and liability insurance for my shows. Because my big nightmare concerns liability, my art festival insurance is for liability, only. My ANNUAL art festival premium (just for liability) is a VERY REASONABLE $100 for $1,000,000 of liability. But maybe this is because State Farm insures my house and auto, as well. My homeowners policy protects me against liability in case anyone has an accident during a home show. Also, I set up my Hummingbird Studios business as an LLC (varies from state-to-state) which has also been helpful. Good Luck!

  • Quilters use the following source. It’s certainly worth a phone call or email to check it out for your needs. phone 602.395.9111 Christine L. Johnston e-mail \ snail mail 1750 E Glendale Ave Phoenix AZ 85020-0222

  • I recently insured with Globex Risk Management, using a dealer in Alberta. For the Calgary Home and Garden Show (I was travelling 1200 miles to this show). The insurance covered 4 days before and 4 days after (for transporting to and from) and the 5 day show, and covered both booth contents and liability. It cost $186.00 Canadian. I can look up the brokers name if anyone needs it.