Lessons from The Apprentice

I had been trying to wean myself from the NBC hit show, The Apprentice, and hadn’t tuned in all season. But I snuck a peek last week. Glad I did.

Each of the two teams had to work with an artist to design a T-shirt, then sell it. Whoever sold the most (in terms of dollars) won. Easy enough, right?

Team Magna blew team Net Worth out of the water. How?
They capitalized on their artist’s collectors’ base! They got their artist to email his list of 3,000 collectors and tell them that a new, limited edition of his work would be available.

Genius! And, "Duh." !

The power of an artist’s mailing list at work.

We don’t know that the other artist didn’t have a good mailing list. We only know it wasn’t used.

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4 comments to Lessons from The Apprentice

  • Very inspirational… I think I have a new goal for my mailing list.. reach 3,000 people!

  • Having seen the same show I think it’s valid to add that if you have a partner it’s vital that both people go the same direction. Even though the winning team (Team Magna) squabbled all the time, they worked together and succeeded. The other pair did not work productively as a team – one person pretty much developed the entire plan and product and the other one second-guessed, complained, and did nothing productive (and was fired). The “morals of the story” to me are a) surround yourself with people who actually support your goals regardless of emotional “noise” and b) let go of people who are not actually supportive, even if they say nice things and pretend to be supportive.

  • Excellent observation, Eric! I often counsel artist to join an artist organization or start up a group that will be supportive of each other. In fact, I created a whole new Web site that gives artists who help each other out a free marketing plan: http://www.artbizconnection.com The support and success will only happen if everyone is on the same page. And you’re right about this, too: Get rid of the naysayers in your life. They only drag you down and make you feel bad about yourself. Thanks!

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    Lessons from The Apprentice

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