Feeling Overwhelmed?

I received an email from a client this morning who is feeling overwhelmed. This isn’t an unusual morning. Such messages hit my inbox quite frequently.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re probably unorganized. Beat overwhelm in the following ways:

  • Take some time to clear up your desk and all the piles around your room. Tear out all of the inspirational photos and articles from magazines and create an inspiration book. Throw the rest of the magazine away!
  • Throw away everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. As I said in the previous posting, make a file that says "Someday/Maybe," where you put things you want to keep or be reminded of but aren’t critical.
  • Put all of your deadlines on your calendar: photo shoots, Web site updates, exhibit applications, mailings, taxes, openings, bills, newsletters.
  • Keep a project list to make sure you’re not forgetting anything that needs to be done. This might consist of upcoming exhibitions, teaching assignments, classes you’re taking, commissions you’re working on, or grants you’re writing. My projects list is on my computer so I can update it frequently and easily.
  • Take baby steps. This is probably the most important thing. Breaking down each of your projects and doing one thing each day will help you finish them and keep you sane. For instance, adding a new name to your mailing list each day is a lot less overwhelming than adding 250 names to your database at once.

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. Take steps to get passed it and get back to enjoying your life and your art.

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