Make Your Art Proposal Solid

The blue bear is going up!

Lawrence Argent is in the middle of installing I See What You Mean, a 40-foot blue bear placed outside of and staring into the new Colorado Convention Center. I can’t wait to see it! Read the story in the Rocky Mountain News.

I first heard about this project, funded through Denver’s Percent for Art program, when I attended a panel discussion at which Argent was a participant.

A 40-foot bear?! It’s playful, disquieting, and causes us to think. But how did it win the project? As I recall, John Grant told the panel that Argent received the go-ahead because he was able to PROVE to the committee that he could do what he said he was going to do. In other words, he didn’t give them a nebulous concept, but was able to show how it could be accomplished.

Leave no holes in your proposals. People can’t read your mind and they can’t fill in the blanks. You must get the words and images down in the first place. They have to be concrete.

More on this, including step-by-step guidelines for a better proposal, in the July 28 issue of the Do This! newsletter.

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