Meet More People!

I just ran across an article from The New York Times (May 24, 2004) that I had printed off last year. The title is "Where to Get a Good Idea: Steal It Outside Your Group." Good stuff here. (The article has long been archived by the Times.)

The gist of it is this: If you’re looking to boost your creativity, you have to reach beyond your peer group (specifically, those who think and act like you do). This is where you’ll be inspired.

Wayne Baker (prof. of management and organization at the University of Michigan Business School) stresses the importance of Social Capital (who you know) on his Web site. He writes, "People with rich social capital are better informed, more creative, more efficient, and better problem solvers."

I’ve always stressed how important it was for artists to get out of the studio and meet more people. Apparently, it’s not just important for your business, but for your creativity as well.

Start with building a group of artists to support one another. Try the marketing plan, which I created to encourage artists to get together in real time and in a real space. It’s FREE! And it will get you out of your studio and working toward your career goals. As a group, you can help introduce one another to new people.

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