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Search-engine optimization is a huge subject–one that is constantly changing. But you can follow key words that can help you with your Web site key-word optimization.
To do this, go to Google Alerts and type in the key words you would like to track. For instance, I track "art marketing," "artist marketing," "art business help," "artist statement," and so on. I get updates on these Google search terms in my inbox each and every day. These lead me to online articles related to my search terms. I keep track of my competition and, sometimes, follow up with possible leads contained in the stories.

Say you’re an artist interested in public art commissions. You might like to track the key words "public art," "public sculpture," "public art commissions," "government art project," "public art murals," or any combination of those words. Through your Google Alerts, you might be led to press releases containing opportunities before they hit the print media or online outlets.

The reasons for tracking key words are to:

  1. Stay informed.
  2. Keep track of your competition.
  3. Use the information to optimize your own site for key words.
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