The Artist Statement

A good statement will help you define your art before someone else does it for you. And I truly believe that the process of writing (and rewriting and editing and writing again) your statement helps you organize your thoughts, sound and appear more professional, and, in the long run, sell more art.

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to start immediately. Don’t wait until you need one. Most artist statements stink because they’re written at the last minute. They’re typed up, printed, and put in a packet of materials to go in the mail. All along, the author-artist is holding his or her nose and hoping he or she won’t ever have to see that piece of writing again.

Why would you write something that might be put in print if you’re not proud of it? Curators, critics, and gallery dealers are depending on you to help them help you. Make it easy on them.

Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement

Start writing right away.

There is no need to make your words perfect. Just get them down on paper and out of your head. Collect words like you collect images and ideas. You’re going to need them! You can combine and edit later, but don’t let them escape.

Need more to go on? Check out my e-book The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement.

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1 comment to The Artist Statement

  • Victoria York

    Wow. How kind of you to list so much information. I am not just dusting off my artist statement… I need to take a fresh look at everything! One thing in life is for sure…Change is always changing. Thanks for your insight and kindness in sharing. Victoria York