An Artist’s Determination

Yesterday, in the Do This! newsletter, I wrote about the Tour de France and my motivation to wear yellow
to spur Lance Armstrong on to his 7th consecutive win and to remind me of what focus and motivation can accomplish.Becklund

Got some great comments back. Robbie Becklund wrote to suggest an
article on "how we can use Lance as an example to better ourselves and
thought it tied in to what you were saying in your newsletter."

In the article, Dave Shields

"Lance Armstrong’s accomplishments are proof that human potential is
only limited by that human’s dreams. This probably comes off as effusive praise
if you’re reading it lightly, but do yourself a big favor. Think about how
these lessons apply to your own life, fulfilling your potential and achieving
your goals.

"Take a moment and consider what steps you’re willing to take to make your
wildest dreams come true. Are you taking them? Why not? If you discovered that
your life was going to end tomorrow is there anything you’d wish you had done

Something to think about. Are you fulfilling your potential? Are you willing
to take the risks?

Image: Robbie Becklund, Bumland Underpass – Austin, TX, photo, 2002. ©The Artist.

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