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Sue Clancy wrote recently with this question:

"I’ve recently been told that I’m to be honored for my achievements and etc. at a ‘Business & the Arts Luncheon’ to be put on by the Norman Chamber of Commerce in October of this year. How do I write that honor in my vitae? What do you call it – or how does one word something like that?? And perhaps even more importantly how do I turn this into an advantage?"

First of all, congratulations, Sue! It is wonderful to be recognized for contributing to one’s community.

You can put awards and honors on your vita in any of the following ways:

  • Under a heading titled: "Awards and Honors" or "Awards" or "Honors."
  • If you have only one or two, they might look silly under a separate heading. In that case, you can lump them together with something else. For example, "Exhibitions and Awards."
  • You could also put them under a general heading of "Other Achievements" or "Community Involvement," depending on the type of honor.

As for how to make the most of it, yes, a press release is a good idea, but remember that others in your community will also be honored. The focus, sadly, won’t be entirely on you. This is great fodder for an artist newsletter (if you have one) or mention in an email broadcast to your opt-in mailing list. I would also think it will be great to have on a grant application and as a news item on your Web site.

Some people are interested in an artist’s awards. Others are not. But it doesn’t hurt to mention it whenever and wherever possible (without being obnoxious, of course).

Be sure to save any press clippings or announcements with your name on them. You’ll want to have this for the future. Photocopy any newspaper and throw out the original since it is full of acid and not archival.

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