Creative Copyright Permission Made Easy

I received this great tip from Ruth Temple in San Francisco.
Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that offers flexible tools for licensing creative work.

"I’ve been reading about the Creative Commons License
for a few years now in my work as a technical editor, and I personally think
it’s the neatest thing since sliced bread and open source software. It’s a
format that’s free for anyone to use, and is intended to flexibly fit alongside
the copyright protections globally – since scholars, software developers and
artists work and collaborate internationally these days, something like this is

"A license on publication like the creative commons,
which formalizes a spectrum between copyright (all rights reserved) and the
public domain (no rights reserved) introduces a fresh breath of sanity."

So . . . what does that mean for you? It means you can give
people permission to use your words or artworks with the click of a button. For
instance, Ruth wrote me:

"Any and all of the feedback, communications, and writing or
other copyright work of mine that I may share with you in relation to the
ArtBizConnection salon I’m running this summer, I hereby license to you under a
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Deed, as found in human-readable form here and in fussy-detail here [legal code]."

Every time I want to quote her for a testimonial or
share her insight with someone else, I have her permission as stated in the
email and in accordance with the guidelines in the Deed. Pretty cool, huh?

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