Don’t Give Up

[udpated November 6, 2012]

Karen Derrico’s paintings were recently featured in Doggie News online [no longer available]. How did she get the attention? Patience and persistence! She told me:
“For the feature I emailed a short press release with links to my site. I sent a more formal release to the Washington Post, and spent nearly two months following up (but not being a nuisance), and they finally featured an article a few weeks ago. [I wasn’t able to find the article in the Post.]

“I try to email at least 5 web sites, media contacts, etc. a day that I think would be likely to feature something. It’s a lot of work, but I think it will eventually pay off.”

She’s right! You won’t get anything unless you work hard for it and believe in it. Don’t give up. Be persistent!

Also, notice that there are other outlets that will feature your art besides the tried-and-true art publications. Don’t forget:

  1. Your niche market.
  2. A possible new market.
  3. Publications that cater to a certain geographical region (your home state or city).
  4. Blogs
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