Journal Alternative

It sometimes seems like I’m repeating myself ad nauseam: artists need to keep journals.

You must record your thoughts in order to create a viable statement and, more importantly, to speak intelligently about your art and art in general. Whether you use a traditional journal or write notes on scraps of paper and throw them in a shoebox, recording the thoughts are critical. You mustn’t let them escape.

At the same time, it’s not always convenient to write. Or, perhaps, you just have an aversion to writing. If this is the case, you still have no excuse for not recording your thoughts.Recorder

You don’t need fancy equipment. Purchase a microcassette recorder at Radio Shack for $29.95 to capture your ideas, theories, and philosophies before they escape. I keep mine in my car. I’m a natural writer, but it’s inconvenient when I’m driving. The recorder makes a terrific substitute. You can always transcribe your thoughts later.

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  • Alyson, I am a new subscriber and have been very impressed with the content of your newsletters. I recently purchased a micro cassette recorder and I agree with you on how valuable this item can be in capturing your ideas and thoughts. I have my Palm PDA, but find the recorder an excellent tool!