Organize Your Inbox

Is your inbox out of control? If you use your saved messages as a kind of “To Do” list, why not really make it usable.

I LOVE this trick!

In Microsoft Outlook . . .

After you have read a message and decided you want to save it, change the Subject line of the message (while the message is open) to reflect the action you need to take. For example, Sue might send you an email about a broken link on your Web site with the Subject line “Re: Your Web Site.” As you’re looking through your saved messages, this won’t mean much to you. BUT, if you change the Subject line to say “Fix Link on Resources Page,” you’ll know exactly what that message is about.

After you’ve changed the Subject, push Ctrl+S to save the changes (otherwise, it will ask you every time if you want to save it).

Voila! An inbox that makes life much easier.

Also works in other email applications.

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