Which Word When?

Which Word When is a fantastic book! Since I’m always trying to get artists to talk and write more about their work, I thought I’d better keep providing you the tools to do a better job of it.

In any event . . .
The book may be out of print now. My $4.95 paperback was published in 1989 and I noticed on Amazon (the link above) that they’re going for $2.10 now.

The subtitle of the book is "The Indispensable Dictionary of 1,500 Commonly Confused Words." Learn the difference between:

  • Lie/Lay (rest and recline/put and place)
  • Farther/Further (the first is for physical distance)
  • Evoke/Invoke (the first is to bring to mind)

And many more.

Maybe there is a new book that has replaced this one, but I haven’t heard about it. Mine is still getting a lot of use.

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1 comment to Which Word When?

  • Patricia Simoneau

    Alyson, I hope that this book is still in circulation, because it is desparately needed in this less-than-articulate society. It frustrates me to pick up newspapers and listen to media only to see and hear the English language butchered and misused. One would think with all the access to information that we have today, people would be more advanced in their language development, not regressed. Ta!