Art Failures?

Great story on today’s Morning Edition on NPR. Their chronicling "flops" in the film, video game, and book industries.

Today’s story (listen to it online!) is about what happens after a flop. How do you pick up the pieces and keep going on?

I’ll be tackling this subject in the next Do This! newsletter (August 22), so stay tuned. In the meantime, it’s nice to hear from successful people who have gotten past the "failures" in their lives.

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2 comments to Art Failures?

  • The “bad” comments really stick! This was from a review over 40 years ago! “She deserves the Good Housekeeping Seal..” the reference was because my art was (and still is)”clean” – and well put together. I’ve had many positive and wonderful comments in reviews since, but of course, I can’t remember those!

  • Here’s something to think about: Where is that critic now? Have they gone on to fame and fortune?