Art Pricing: Discounts or Savings?

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I opened the biggest can of worms in an article about pricing in the Do This! newsletter. Actually, the can was always there, always open, and always waiting for me to deal with it. I also posted Pricing Your Art: 10 Rules.

I still don’t have all the answers, but I added more about pricing your art in today’s newsletter.

Interestingly, one of my favorite correspondents in the field, Kelly Borsheim (Austin, TX), wrote in response to the 10 Rules (from various emails to me):

One of my business coaches likes to advise against using the word "discount" and instead using "savings." He thinks it is a classier word (avoids the "Wal-mart approach" to selling art) and helps distance the link between art and money (or increases the link between art and value).

I can give you a 10% savings or a 10% discount. An interesting choice — none wrong, but just a personal preference. When I sell art, I prefer 10% savings. When I sell workshops, I prefer to offer a 10% discount. For me, it all depends on the context.

PS  When I looked up "savings" today, I liked that it included the concepts of "preservation from danger or destruction: deliverance" and "without disrespect to."

I never minded the word "discount" as it is used in contracts and negotiations, and I don’t think "savings" is any better. Agree? Disagree? Have an alternative? I’d love to hear from you.

If you want to give one of your best collectors a better price for your work, what do you offer? A savings? A discount?

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1 comment to Art Pricing: Discounts or Savings?

  • I think this book will be great! RE: Deicount vs. Savings What about “price incentive” – as in, “I offer a price incentive for repeat customers.” Does that make sense or is it used wrong? What about “price break” for patrons? I do not give discounts to people who randomly ask on a single purchase. I know it is a common occurrence and many artists will play the bargain game – that is just fine for them. It is just me and I kind of think it is rude. However I will let you use a payment plan (usually 50% or 33% down – 2-3 payments depending on how expensive it is). And I do give “a better price” to REPEAT customers and friends. Depending on the size, anywhere between 15%-20% Casey Matthews Amelia Island, Florida