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I just finished the press kit for and I so excited! I hired my friend, Shauna L. Struby, to write the release for me and put together some ideas for pitching it to the media. A couple of weeks ago, I sent the plain text email version, with a link to the online press kit. But now I’m going to really wow them.

Voila! Here it is.

On the right of the folder is the three-page press release.
On the left: fact sheet, "geography" (where all the current salons are), tip sheet (5 mistakes artists make in their businesses), a previous article about, one of my postcards, and a rack card for the upcoming Gain the Edge in Today’s Art Market workshop.

The green thing is a lifesaver (an inner tube, actually) and has a tag on it that says I threw in a few "real" wrapped LifeSavers. You can’t bribe a reporter, but you can try.

The heading for the press release is "NO ARTIST IS AN ISLAND: Free Marketing Plans are a Lifesaver for Artists Who Want to Grow, Connect, and Thrive." Lifesaver1_1

Oh, I didn’t forget the final touch. The mailing label says "LIFESAVER" (mocking the candy label–but not too close to their copy). And, underneath that word: "Being an artist shouldn’t be like an episode of Survivor!"

If you have an salon and want some help getting some free publicity, be sure to send me your local media contacts!

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