Bad Publicity for Artists

It’s not the kind of publicity you want. BAD publicity.

Miami artist Maria Alquilar returned to San Francisco to fix
the mural she created lastLivermorelib year. Fixing meant correcting the spelling of
eleven (of 175) names, including those of Michelangelo, Einstein, and van Gogh.

The mural wasn’t only a city project, it was for the
. Yes, the library, a venerable institution where one hopes words are
spelled correctly.

From the beginning, the artist was indignant–upset that
people were focusing on the misspellings instead of the design. Well, duh! What
did she think? She couldn’t have been thinking.

She didn’t want to fix her obvious mistakes and the city had to pony up $6,000 more and travel expenses to get her to come back and fix what she had started.

Now she will forever be known as the difficult artist who
didn’t want to own her mistakes, admit she was wrong, and correct them. Moreover, she contributes to the stereotype of the difficult, egotistical artist. If she
had only laughed along with everyone else and willingly fixed the work, she
could have received GOOD publicity
instead of all the bad publicity that has ensued.

See TV report.

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1 comment to Bad Publicity for Artists

  • I cannot BELIEVE an artist with the talent, the resume, and the success of someone I’d normally envy could be so “clueless.” This has nothing to do with “artistic liscense,” (as did Diego Rivera’s refusal to change his mural at the Rockefeller Center, for example) – this has to do with common sense and simple respect. And her comment about “no one spelling correctly anymore because of computers” was downright absurd. I would have marched my butt, free of charge, right back to that library as quickly as a 747 could carry me – laughed with the media (even if I was embarassed) – and enjoyed the publicity instead of ruining it! If she does indeed close up her “ruined” art business, there will be plenty of even more talented, GRACIOUS & much more deserving artists ready to take her place. I cannot wait to talk about this in my blog! Unbelievable!