Bird Art?

Bird1Okay, agreeably this doesn’t have anything to do with the business of art. Or does it?

I’ve moved my laptop from the office to the dining room to be surrounded by windows and the gorgeous view of the Foothills. And I hear this sweet chirping I’ve never heard before in my life. Incredible yellow bird that isBird2 perched on top of the 8′-high sunflowers that were volunteers from last year’s batch. He’s singing the sweetest song and camouflaged by the golden flowers, dipping his head down often to grab one of the sunflower seeds.

And a storm is brewing over the hills bringing in cool air. A perfect day!

Admittedly, this isn’t as exciting as my Web guru’s Backyard Birdcam or her Backyard Birdcam Blog, but maybe she can at least identify this gorgeous creature for me. Pat???

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3 comments to Bird Art?

  • Beautiful (and artistic) photos! That sweet singing bird is a male American Goldfinch in its beautiful breeding plummage. They feast on sunflowers during this time of year and in winter, when the seeds are devoured, finally come to my backyard feeders to dine on thistle. They head for the fields (and foothills) again in late spring, just about the time the males get that stunning yellow plummage. (More than anyone wanted to know, I’m sure!) What a treat to have one singing outside your window!

  • I’ve been admiring these same birds (now I know they’re goldfinches, thank you!) eating the seedheads on my yellow-flowered Rudbeckias. Lovely!

  • Alyson, you are so lucky! and I am thrilled by this post. I write about this sort of thing all the time. Click on my name to see.