Media Attention for Artists

In today’s Do This! newsletter for artists, I write about
press releases and making them more newsworthy.

Clearly, I don’t want anyone to fabricate or have to go through a heartrending
experience in order to have a really good story to print. But some stories just
write themselves.

Make sure you understand the difference between a review and
a story. The former is when a newspaper or magazine art critic visits your
exhibit and writes a critical observation of the work and installation. If you
read the paper regularly, you’ll see which venues are getting serious coverage
by your local writers and which ones are being ignored.

latter (a story) might not be written by the art columnist at all. It could be
more of a human-interest story that appears in the "Living" section
rather than the "Arts" section of your paper. Or maybe it’s even in
the "Business" section. You read them all the time: stories of
perseverance, personal triumph, or just plain silliness or uniqueness. Of
course, each of us is unique, so you really have to have something that stands
out for one of these stories.

Notice: The link above is for a human-interest story, although it was written by The Denver Post’s art critic and is tied to an event (installation of the I See What You Mean). I don’t have a link to other examples of human-interest stories about artists. I know they exist! Know of one?

Late breaking addition: Just read an article in the Denver Post (Sunday edition–I’m a bit behind) about a Pennsylvania artist putting himself on display in a year-long performance piece. And here’s his Web site.

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1 comment to Media Attention for Artists

  • Deborah

    I am hoping to have a group exhibit at a hotel, where we psychologists will be having a convention. Can I expect that the hotel will be OK with nailing/ hanging paintings and other forms of art work? This is not a first rate hotel but not a shoddy one (it is a national chain but I don’t want to use its name). I am not the conference organizer and don’t have permission yet to call the hotel myself!