Titling Your Art

Ever wondered how works of art get their titles? I tuned in tonight for the first time to artist Mark Kostabi‘s

INSIDE KOSTABI: NAME THAT PAINTING, a TV game show where art critics compete to title Kostabi paintings for cash awards. Since I’m not in New York, I watched it on the Internet.

It’s not exactly an easy format to watch online, but I want to continue learning the incredible things that are now available to us at the click of a key. So, I tuned it not just to see what the critics could come up with, but to see how all of this works.

I suggest you do the same: Wednesdays at 9:30 Eastern time, 6:30 Pacific.
Just go log in to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network at that time and click on Channel 34.

I have to confess to being fairly entertained by the spectacle of a group of art critics, a jury of their peers, and the host running things from a remote location in Italy. Maybe not in a Seinfeld-rerun kind of way, but entertained nonetheless.

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