What price art?

The Editor in Chief of the Toledo (OH) Free press has caused a stink with his column entitled "Art Attack Raises Blood Pressure."

First, I couldn’t believe that a supposedly learned man was so ignorant about the price of art. Second, I couldn’t believe that he would wear his ignorance on his sleeve. Evidence: "I enjoyed mental visions of walking back to my car
after all the people had left the streets and driving over and through
every booth, smashing the corrupt system to a pulp and forcing it to
start over. I envisioned myself as a beret-clad revolutionary, grinding
$6,500 oil paintings and $4,000 watercolors under the wheels of
working-class justice."


Third, I absolutely can’t believe he was comparing his day at an arts festival to viewing art "for free" at the museum. If only he could see the prices the artworks there are insured for. Or the salaries of the key staff. Or the budget of a blockbuser exhibition.

I guess the word made it around and people from all over responded to his incredibly short-sighted column.

IMHO, the most effective responses to any column like this are those that are reasoned and intellligent. Hot-headed responses usually do very little to elevate the argument. Have your responses ready for arguments such as his. If you need to let off steam, do it on your computer or to a friend. Make sure whatever appears in print is what you want attached to your name forever–and that it makes you look oodles smarter than the columnist.

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