8 Ways to Promote Your Art Web Site

You can’t just expect to build a site and suddenly have people flock to it. You have to promote it just as you do your artwork and everything else related to your business.

  1. Send an announcement when your site is new or when you’ve updated it. You can do this with a postcard, but you’ll get more visits if you do it through email since it’s easier for people to click through than to put the postcard by the computer and remember to find you next time they’re online. Why not do both? Which leads me to . . .
  2. Start collecting email addresses from friends, patrons, and other interested parties. Don’t wait until you have a website! You’ll need them to stay in touch.
  3. Print your website on your business cards, letterhead, brochure, postcards, and any other marketing materials you distribute.
  4. Have an online promotion. For instance, people can print a “10% Off” coupon or some such thing when they visit your site. Of course, it will have a printed invitation on it for your next exhibit, which they are encouraged to attend and use their coupon.
  5. Post your newsletter online and link it to various artworks and intriguing stories.
  6. Consider an online art project for kids that is related to your work. It will get the parents to visit! See Marilyn Scott Waters’ The Toymaker site for inspiration.
  7. Trade links with other artists or those in your niche market. Don’t be one of those annoying neophytes who emails everyone they know and asks to trade links. Be discerning.
  8. Respond to newsletters and blogs or post in online forums. Your sign-in should link your name to the URL you sign in with.


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