Goals, Values, and Your Schedule

I won’t say it was easy, but it has been an eye-opening experience to see how
my core values fit with my work and my impending book. I always knew that my life
and work were forever intertwined, but now I know why.

I have been working with writing coach Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse to help me get my book proposal together by year’s end. At our first session, she eked my values out of me. My list looks something like this (not in any particular order): Excellence; Peace; Passion; Contributing/Giving; Respect; Adventure; Action; Knowledge; Creativity; Efficiency; Family; Spiritual.

Cynthia also had me write out a work schedule on my calendar. I have deadlines for each section of my book proposal through the end of the year as well as daily tasks and other priorities that just have to get done. I thought my weekly task list might be of interest to some of you who are trying to juggle a lot. And who isn’t?!

  • Monday: Promotions, send out press kits
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Work on workshop presentations and devote these days to helping individual clients with their artist statements, marketing plans, and other projects.
  • Wednesday: Toastmasters; Toastmasters business (I serve as Sec/Treas, which takes a little time, but not too much); writing
  • Friday: Write newsletter; process financial transactions, send receipts, etc. (I used to do this on Mondays, but found it was a lousy way to start off the week!)

So, when do I write for my book? It’s on the calendar for every day as is this blog. I fit them in when I can, knowing they are important to my business.

Writing it down, carving out time is making a commitment to your priorities. I also find it easier to say “no, thank you” and to work on those projects that are in line with my values and overall goals.

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