Setting Marketing Goals for Your Art

The glassblowers in a foundry on the Oregon coast are making a name for themselves. 

Note the headline: "Foundry Exceeds Marketing Goals." They HAD goals. That’s the first step. Then, they undoubtedly kept their goals in mind with everything they did. Finally, they had a hook. They invited the public in to "make their own."

Making your own isn’t new, but it also isn’t done that often.

I’m very curious about the tradition of hiding the glass "floats" on the beach during the winter months for beachcombers to find. This intrigues me enough to want to make a trip out there and see what it’s all about.

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2 comments to Setting Marketing Goals for Your Art

  • The resident artists of Tacoma’s Museum of Glass did a winter activity that was some darned good marketing and community relations. If I’m remembering correctly, they hid glass hearts around the old town part of Tacoma and in the parks, and I think that was last February. Any lucky person who found one had hand-made art to keep.

  • Susan McMackin Reynolds

    Just another plus of their web presence is that they provide not just ways to take a class but also a “take-away” educational piece about blown glass – thus just one more excuse for readers to remember them. These folks are hitting on lots of points I need to remember. I guess it’s time for me to create a pdf for download.