Artist Tips for Professional Holiday Greetings

  • DoveFeature your art in the greeting. This isn’t the appropriate time for a sales pitch, but it never hurts to keep your artwork in the spotlight. In this week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I’ve posted a picture of one of my favorite holiday cards from furniture-maker Dwayne Cranford. I just love the humor and the fact that his work is prominent.
  • Stick to the image you have created for you and your work. If your art is high-end gallery, you don’t want to send a silly greeting.
  • Unless your work is religious in nature, stick to a non-denominational greeting in order to appeal to the widest audience.
  • Go through your database and decide who you will send them to. Hand address each envelope during television or down time. Only send to home addresses if you have a personal relationship with the recipient.
  • Get your stamps early so you don’t have to wait in line. Better yet, order through the mail or online.
  • Make sure yours is the first greeting opened in the stack. You’re an artist! Put an extra special touch on the envelope that intrigues the recipient. Include something they want to keep like a family recipe, a small print, or a holiday poem or story.
  • Don’t forget to sign your name and add a personal greeting.

More tips tomorrow for taking advantage of the holidays.

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