Artists: Further the Cause of Art

Want people to appreciate the arts more in your community? It’s your responsibility.
Thanks to Kelly Borsheim for the heads up on this article by Sylvia White. It’s spot on! is all about encouraging artists to take charge of their careers. As part of that, the onus is also on you to support and build up the arts in your community. It’s also, as Ms. White’s article says, your responsibility to come up with the language to:

  • Articulate your own work. Artists are improving their approaches right now as part of the artist statement class.
  • Articulate your place in the greater artworld.
  • Articulate the need for arts education and funding. Some of the best language I’ve found on this subject came from Dana Gioia, who is the head of the National Endowment for the Arts. He’s quite a Renaissance man and I find his argument for arts funding to be powerful fodder that will serve us all well. Read "Why Art Matters," an article I wrote for Sculptural Pursuit magazine.
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3 comments to Artists: Further the Cause of Art

  • Right on as usual, Alyson. And you’ve got great timing in talking about it just as I’m putting together a blog – the Museum of Paper – specifically to promote arts & artists by: – Providing Buzz for Artists – Delivering Artist-created podcast classes, interviews etc – Sharing information – Creating a platform for cooperative Blogging – & whatever else comes to mind as we build. I’d be happy to include a handout or some other kind of content or download from you (and you’ve got a lot of great stuff) – and also readers of your blog – that would allow you/others/all of us benefit right along with promoting the arts on a larger scale. I welcome others from the art community to co-brainstorm on this; there are a lot of good ideas and insight out there.

  • Hi, I just had to comment, that my articles in the Our Community News are targeted to address “buyer educations” and community education on the importance of art. I educate for the gallery owners, artists, youth, schools, and every aspect we have room for in print, every month. I’d love for you to connect your blog or see if the articles interest you or your friends, mainly for education, enrichment and the group power of co-creating informed artists: Janet’s Publications on art: If more artists take the bull by the horns, we will enjoy the bull market in art – because we are creating it. -Janet

  • We have to take the bull by the horns! LOL! No one else will do it for us! Well, at least not for free 🙂