Be More Googleable

I’m afraid it’s already a word: Googleable. And it’s a mouthful.

Pat Velte, who has designed a number of artists’ Web sites, is my guru in this area. She says you have to have 200 words on a page to be "Googleable." Two-hundred words, it seems, is the magic number that says to the search engine: This page has content. And content is what gives you higher search placement.

It’s hard when you’re an artist because your site is loaded with images, but if you want to be found, you must add those 200 words per page.

  • Pick your key phrases. You have a better chance of being found under "Mississippi landscape painter" than under "landscape painter" or "Mississippi painter."
  • Use your key phrases in your meta tags, key words, and–this is important–in a few places on the page (of at least 200 words). It’s particularly important to have it at the top.
  • Make sure all of your images have alternative text.

If this is all Greek to you, you should be seeking expert help if search-engine placement is important to you.

Tomorrow I’ll give you some ideas for adding content to your site.

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8 comments to Be More Googleable

  • Hi Alyson, I am working with Pat on being more “Googleable”. This came about recently because one of our local teachers knew I had a website and tried to find it using search engines. Unfortunately, there is an author with my name and references to her site come up first. I may be there, but it is so far down the list as to not be found unless one has LOTS of time to keep looking. In frustration she called me to get my URL. Now she would like Pat to come speak to her classes about web design! You and Pat have both been invaluable in helping me with the business end of my photography. Now if I can just get more “Googleable!” Thank you. Julie Johnston

  • I have a blog which makes me “googleable”. If you link your blog with your website, it is easier for people to find you through your blog. 🙂 Great marketing tool too.

  • OK Susan, You are the 2nd person to tell me this week I should have a blog. However, I know nothing about blogging. How do I set one up, and where, etc.? I can be found on Yahoo, but do most people do a search on Google?

  • It’s a different Susan who’s answering but these are my best hints – 1.)Read faithfully to learn from two Gurus of Blog. 2.)Visit Suzanne and really digest what she has to share at 3.) Read as many blogs as you can so you’ll see what you do like, what you don’t like, and take note of what seems to appeal to other people. I’d love to have you drop my my Case Notes from the Artsy Asylum Blog ( )to see what’s happening with my little corner of the bloggosphere 4.)Sign up for a free month’s trial at Typepad. It’s elegant, powerful, has features that are vital, and is simply head and shoulders above at least three others that I tried before getting smart. 5.) Jump in feet first to learn by doing. 6.) To get some experience & make contacts consider contributing to another blog or blogs. My Museum of Paper blog for example is set up to be artist / contributor-friendly 7.) Pay close attention to what Alyson has to share. She has some great insights and more. Now, get ready for lots of attention for your blog-in-the -oven!

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  • Anon

    Why not just try to be a good artist and then other people will write about you and if you’re no good, then they won’t? I don’t want to bring up Google hits on a bad artist.

  • The link to painless self promotion under #2 above goes directly to a site that is promoting buying cheap computers ?? You might need to check the url. I have clicked on that link 3 times, and have gone to the same computer site.