Collect Business Cards Rather than Passing Yours Out

The Art Marketing Action newsletter and previous blog entries have been about handling business cards appropriately. In my opinion, it is even better for you to collect business cards from others than to see your cards in their hands. Why? It puts you in control! And my consulting and Web site are all about giving artists control of their careers.

What do you do upon receiving someone else’s card?

  1. Look at it while they’re still with you. Say their name and make sure you have the pronunciation down correctly and that you can remember a tidbit of personal information about them.
  2. As soon as they’re out of sight (or even when you return home), turn the card over and jot down that bit of information that helps you remember them. I’ve read it’s rude to write on someone else’s business card. It doesn’t bother me when someone writes on a card I give them, but, apparently, it isn’t always acceptable.
  3. Within one week, send them a postcard or nice-to-meet you card (with one of your images on it, of course!).This must be done immediately before they forget who you are or how they met you.
  4. Put the card in your “mailing list” file for when it’s time to update your contacts. Don’t forget to add notes that will help you personalize your relationship.
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2 comments to Collect Business Cards Rather than Passing Yours Out

  • I love this advice! Control is so important. One other bit of advice: if you are at a public venue with a booth selling direct (retail) it is important to keep biz cards and brochures out of sight. It is a dance that you again must control. If the potential buyer asks for a card (if they don’t, then how interested where they?) – I always turn that into an opportunity to get their information first and dig deeper into what their needs are and what they are thinking. I take a long time getting the card and any other hand-out materials out to them and continue to keep them in front of my work as long as possible. Without becoming annoying, I will stand and continue to engage them for several minutes with the card in my hand. The longer they are in my “control” the better. If they can just grab a card or other contact materials, they can also convince themselves that they will “get back in touch” and we have all seen them dash off card in hand saying: I’ll go to your website and email you.

    Stay in control. Make it your goal to have their contact info if they spend more than 5 mins looking at your work.

  • Jason Chaffey

    Thankyou very much for this advice. With a business man as me, any business card very important
    With I can keep business card carefuly, forever on Iphone ( if you have not iphone you keep it on Android phone or web of Carfila)
    It easy and comfortable