Get Featured in a Magazine

I’m here to brag on Mel Ristau, a client for several years whose kinetic sculpture is featured on a full page on page 110 of the December special gift issue of House & Garden magazine.

Mel has been unwavering in his pursuit of large-scale commissions for public buildings. Still, he was adaptable when House & Garden found his Web site and wanted to feature the work. Mel shares how he landed the feature:Blackstones

“A person researching ‘products’ to include in H&G’s holiday shopping guide found my web site and requested printed images of my work for their editor to review. Immediately concerned that the large scale of my work would prove inappropriate, I quickly developed works based on my Stones mobiles scaled for "residential" spaces and priced at $1,500+. (At the time I was contacted my lowest priced Stones mobile was $5,000.) I shipped overnight several high-resolution ink-jets. The editor then requested that I ship three pieces for photography. Fortunately, I sent a piece that fit into their concept for a two-page, black & white spread!”

Did you catch that?

Not only did Mel realize this was a can’t-miss opportunity, he went above and beyond to accommodate the format of the magazine.

Image credit: Mel Ristau, Black Stones. Aluminum, stainless, and enamel, 30 x 36 x 36 inches.

3 comments to Get Featured in a Magazine

  • I can relate to this blog since I just recently had an opportunity to be featured in the Southwest Art Magazine this month. They wanted a self portrait and I didn’t have one! Although I was going on vacation and had very little time to produce one, I decided to give it a go. They accepted my painting and featured it in the “Start Your Collection” under Art Values. This was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. I guess I will start doing at least one self portrait a year!

  • Congratulations, Judith! Your paintings are amazing–would love to see them in person one day. But I went to your Web site and didn’t find the self-portrait. Now I’m so curious.

  • Thank you for the kind comment, Alyson. Yes, I do have the self portrait painting in the Figurative Section of my website. It is called, “How to Paint Funny Pictures”. It is based on a cartoon book of cartoon drawing methods. It is very old but it is one of the first drawing books my dad gave me as a child and I still have it today.