Is your business card working for you?

Does your card contain the following information?

  • Full name
  • “DBA” (doing-business-as name)
  • Address (I am so annoyed by business cards with no address. I’m trusting you with mine. Can’t you trust me with yours?)
  • Phone
  • Web site
  • Email

Optional: Image of your work (Always helps to remember someone!)

Is it clean, uncluttered? Does the look fit with your image? Does it have the same font as your Web site, letterhead, thank-you notes, etc? Same colors? If you use an image of your work, does your layout or design detract from the artwork itself?
If you used both sides, is there a place for the recipient to make a note on it that will help them remember you?

Tomorrow’s edition of the Art Marketing Action newsletter and this blog will go more into depth.

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4 comments to Is your business card working for you?

  • mox

    if you don’t have a separate business line, would you put your regular phone number on your card? I’m not sure I want to do that! (and right now there is NO chance of another phone line!)

  • I determined that my business line would be my cell phone number – so it’s splashed everywhere! However, because I work out of my home, I don’t feel comfortable putting my address on my cards. I wouldn’t want someone to think I have a storefront and show up on my doorstep. Also – when I had my logo designed, the company who did it ( also designed matching business cards, letterhead, etc. Gives my business a harmonious image that screams professional!

  • Leah

    Alyson, what do recommend for people whose mailing address is different from the physical location of their art business?

  • Great question, Leah, and I’m afraid there is no right or wrong address. I suppose if you encourage drop-ins to your studio that you’d want to use that address. Otherwise, I think I’d stick with the mailing address in case the recipient wants to get a hold of you.