Lessons from an Artist Workshop, Part I

I’ve been trying to digest everything that happened this past weekend at our artist workshop. It was, at once, stimulating, frustrating, and disappointing. It was stimulating because there were so many artists who were ready and willing to work on their businesses. Most people who came said the workshop was business- and life-transforming. These people were beginning or emerging artists who received great value and thought it was time and money well spent. They saw loads of examples of good and bad slides and good and bad booths and displays. My colleague, Bruce Baker, did most of the presenting and had some great sales techniques tips, which he also has available on his CD.

On the other hand . . .
It was frustrating because there was no time to talk individually with each participant. And it was disappointing because about five or ten people weren’t 100% satisfied. Most people would look on that as a really good percentage (115 people attended). But, as you know, it’s easier to see the negatives than the positives.

I’ll admit it. I want everyone to be happy and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’ll do everything in my power to make them happy and to improve so the next workshop is even better. I take each evaluation to heart and make note: What can we do differently next time to get an even higher percentage of those who are 100% satisfied? If I don’t learn from each experience, my business will wither away. More on that tomorrow.

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2 comments to Lessons from an Artist Workshop, Part I

  • I have attended many, many workshops in my 30 years of the art business. this one was one of the best. Yes, there is always room for improvement on everything we do, but I have also found that some people are never satisfied. I came away with a huge amount of information and energy to put what I learned into action. Wanting everyone to be happy is what makes us diligent, but we also have to let the others go knowing we have done our best.

  • WOW what a weekend! This workshop can’t be graded because there simply in no other like it. I have already started to transform my business and can’t wait to see the result this weekend at my next show. At the very least this workshop has given me the confidence to proceed and succeed.