Lessons from an Artist Workshop, Part II

Since I aim for 100% satisfaction in my business, here’s what I’d do differently for the next workshop:

  • Have separate workshops or at least break-out sessions for different levels of artists (beginning, emerging, advanced). Or at least market to one group or the other.
  • Change the format. Things that you can do with 40 or 50 artists don’t necessarily work with 115 artists.
  • Be very, very clear about the content and who the target audience is. I thought we were, but it wasn’t enough.
  • Reconsider sharing the stage with Bruce Baker. ☺ Seriously . . . rarely has anyone been such an enormous pleasure to work with. But his entertaining, boisterous presentations could outshine anyone!
  • Leave Toastmasters training behind. Speaking to a formal group is one thing. Workshopping with a group of artists is quite another. I had much better interaction with workshop participants before I got into Toastmasters. Not to say it hasn’t been good for me, but I need to apply what I’ve learned differently. Of course . . .
  • Rethink 30-minute presentations. It’s darned hard to say much in 30 minutes that will be remembered. I also had so much to say that it didn’t allow me to stop for interaction and questions. And that’s my favorite part!

Live and learn!

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