Perfect Openings for Handing Out Your Business Cards

You might say, “duh,” but sometimes we’re blind to an opportunity right under our noses. Below are a few situations thath are easy openings for handing out your business card.

They say: "You’re an artist? I’ve been looking for a piece of art for . . . "

You think to yourself . . . What she’s looking for has nothing to do with my art. BUT, you say: "I know an artist [or gallery] that would be perfect for you." Then you either give them your card and ask them to call you for follow-up or take their card and tell them you’ll get back to them. You go above and beyond the call of duty because you never know who they know or how they might be able to help your career in the future.

They hear you’re an artist and ask: "Have you ever been to Gallery One?"

You’ve never heard of that gallery. You reply: "No? Is it wonderful? I’d love to hear more about it." As the conversation continues, give them your card and ask them to contact you when they hear of upcoming events at that gallery.

They ask: "Do you know so-and-so’s work?"

You reply, "I don’t. Tell me about it and where you saw it." They continue to mention the artist has a Web site. You hand them a business card and ask them to email you a link to the site. This expresses genuine interest in them.

This week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter is “Handle Business Cards Properly.” Would love to hear your thoughts in the Comments link below.

Tomorrow: What to do when you receive someone else’s card.

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3 comments to Perfect Openings for Handing Out Your Business Cards

  • How to give someone your business card? Ask for theirs. And they may ask for yours, or you have the opening to offer it as the exchange occurs. If they don’t have a card, write down their info in a little notebook you carry for that purpose. And Alyson, I love your conversational “take my card” openers! ALWAYS get their contact info too. Carla

  • I use my business cards like notecards. When someone wants a tidbit of information (URL, name of a book I’m recommending, manufacturer of my favorite paper, etc.) I just jot the note on the back of a business card. It’s something they’ll keep for the information on the back – and you never know when they might decide they need my services.

  • Thanks for a very informative post