All for the sake of the book.

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Geneva, Illinois. I didn’t necessarily want to come here, nor did I want to pass up the chance. My husband is here on business (as he often is) and I’ve never come along with him.

I talked with my coach about it yesterday: When you have your own business, how do you travel AND work? How do you take advantage of your new surroundings AND get the things done that need getting done? For me, it is the book proposal I’ve been focusing on.

After talking with me about the trip and determining that, indeed, I am primarily tagging along to keep my husband company, she helped me see this differently. Why not think of this as a writer’s retreat? I’ve never been on a writer’s retreat. I found out that there is but one rule: I have to focus on my book and writing each morning before I do anything else. Only after I’ve done that can I go explore.

I imagine this is similar to an artist’s retreat or residency program, except for the fact that I’m making it all up. (I’ve convinced myself that blogging is my warm-up. I set the rules, after all.)

My surroundings are making it easy for me today. I’m in a large, luscious hotel room overlooking the Fox River. It’s snowing outside. Before I went to bed last night, I relaxed and, again, convincing myself of the importance of this step for the purpose of the retreat, soaked in the whirlpool in our bathroom. We have a canopy bed and cathedral ceilings. Everything is rich crimsons and gold, as if to echo the season. A fire is blazing in the corner of the room. The desk is a large table, which provides plenty of room to capture the genius.

I’m doing this for you, dear readers–those of you who are waiting for me to birth my book. Oh, the sacrifice! (I could get used to this.)

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