Art and Chocolate (and a Recipe Gift)

EggnogThe holidays are all about giving and being festive. I’ll admit I’m crunched for time and spirit this year, but I’m hoping that giving something to my readers will help zing me back to the season.

For you: Two of my favorite recipes. The first is a wonderful recipe for gingersnaps that I picked up from a former art museum colleague. The second is a decadent eggnog recipe that my family has been making for decades.

Enjoy the eggnog and gingersnaps! (PDF file)

On another note . . . While in Chicagoland last week, I had the pleasure of running into Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge. What a fantastic concept! I love the idea of getting together with friends and artists over chocolate. I’m stirring with the idea of a Chocolate & Art Lounge. Could life get any better?

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