BHAGs for Your Art Career and Business

January 1 is just around the corner and, while still busy with the holidays, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to look forward to the New Year. Yep, it’s goal-setting time.

I’ll admit that I’m still struggling with my big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs) for the year, but I do know two of them:

  1. I will finish my book proposal by March 1 and send it to publishers by March 31. This is my biggie. My frog. Seeing this book printed and on store shelves will move me forward faster than anything else I can do. It has to be done. It has to become my priority as, admittedly, it hasn’t been in the past. (Of course, after it is accepted by a publishing house, I’ll have to finish the writing. That’s a whole other BHAG!)
  2. I will schedule five (5!) workshops outside of Colorado by July 1. One of the most valuable parts of my job is working LIVE with artists. The more I get to do of this, the better. Email me if you’re interested in a marketing workshop for artists in your area.

It’s important to decide your BHAGs and to tell people what they are. Read more in the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

Share your BHAGs in the comments below.

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3 comments to BHAGs for Your Art Career and Business

  • oh wow! How exciting Alyson, a book would be fantastic and publishers would be mad not to pick it up.

  • I’m keeping my plan of attack pretty aggressive: ~ I will do 12 shows/juried exhibitions next year. ~I will teach monthly youth classes. ~I will pick up four more good galleries by the end of the year, bringing my representation up to ten. ~I will get a LOT more organized! Record-keeping, mailing list, etc. ~I will build and keep my inventory at a level so that I will not have to “borrow” from any gallery to help fill out my space for a big show(I’m BAD for that!). ~Most importantly, I will drop the day job so that I can keep moving forward!

  • I have too many to list but I did complete a couple of things already 🙂 I finished my 4×6″ flip through portfolio last night. I have started my search for galleries, competitions and a festival or two. I put a huge graphic on the back window of my black beetle bug to advertise. I will post a picture of it on my blog later today!